A Hilarious and Affectionate Caricature - A Beautiful Pencil Portrait

Or - A Crazy & Clever Cartoon!

Created & Hand-Drawn For You From Your Photographs - or - From Live Sittings at Kitty's Studio

 by the Award-Winning Internationally Exhibited & Published

Caricaturist  - Cartoonist - Portrait Artist:  'Kitty Pigfish'

OR - Why Not Arrange A 'Kitty Pigfish Caricature-Portrait-Cartoon Gift Voucher' for that special person or couple instead:

Beautifully Presented as a Highly Decorative Parchment Scroll - The 'Kitty Pigfish Cartoon & Caricature Gift Voucher'

entitles the recipient to a Personal Caricature - Portrait - or Cartoon -  by the Award-Winning, much-published

and internationally exhibited Caricaturist - Cartoonist - Portrait Artist - Kitty Pigfish.

Each 'Kitty Pigfish Cartoon - Caricature - Portrait Gift Voucher' is beautifully presented as a highly decorative

Parchment Scroll, wrapped with a colourful ribbon and presented in a simple white Scoll box.

And each 'Kitty Pigfish Cartoon - Caricature - Portrait Gift Voucher' is valid for up to 12 months after receipt -

So there's no hurry - no worry -

A 'Kitty Pigfish Cartoon - Caricature - Portrait Gift Voucher'

Is The Most Unique & Most Appreciated Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, Engagement or Christmas Gift

That Is Absolutely Perfect  For Everyone!

(- Especially The Man  - (or Men!)  - In Your Life! -)

- And - For Those Very Special Friends - Colleagues - Relatives - Workmates - Loved Ones

Ideal For Celebrating Weddings - Anniversaries -  And Those Very Special Birthdays

- And For:  Events - Special Award Ceremonies - Births -

- and - as special 'Comedy Awards'!

... A Gift That Is Remembered and Treasured Forever ...

Kitty Pigfish Caricatures - Portraits - Cartoons may be based on your good quality photographs - (posthumously, if relevant)

- OR - where the recipient is reasonably local - Kitty Pigfish can  arrange a Private Sitting at her Studio

- just as the gift voucher recipient prefers.

Kitty Pigfish Caricatures - Portraits - Cartoons are entirely Hand-Drawn in Black Ink on Thick White Card/Bristol Board

- in the case of Oil Portraits, Painted on Canvas - Watercolours on Archive quality Watercolour Paper

incorporating all the funny and fond little details about the subject they - or you - care to include!

The Caricature - Portrait - Cartoon is then Mounted with a superior quality Black Card Mount and

protectively wrapped in cellophane - or - Framing can be arranged to suit

prior to despatching via Royal Mail First Class Tracked Delivery - Or you may care to Collect in Person from Kitty's Studio.

For Collections Only:  Caricatures, Pencil, Pastel and Watercolour Portraits can be Framed in a simple yet

elegant Black Frame with Glass (or Acrylic - depending on size) - Ready for you to collect.

To Order Your 'Kitty Pigfish Cartoon & Caricature Gift Voucher' - Or To Arrange Your Caricature - Portrait - Cartoon Commission:

Please Email:

Stating what you would like her to create - a Caricature - a Portrait - or a Cartoon - and any relevant deadline.

If Ordering a Gift Voucher:  Please confirm your chosen Recipient's Name and Address (if you wish the Gift Voucher to be posted directly to them). Kitty will confirm receipt of your Gift Voucher Order or details of your Commission - and forward the Paypal Payee details to you - via email.  Your Payment should then be made via Paypal - in the sum of:

£50.00 = For a Gift Voucher entitling the recipient to an A3-Sized A Kitty Pigfish Hand-Drawn Ink Caricature - or Cartoon-  or Pencil Portrait - to suit and created to the recipient's requirements.

- Please ask about other larger sizes and different portrait mediums available.

Once your Paypal payment has been received - your Gift Voucher will be created and forward to you by Royal Mail First Class Delivery Post - or posted directly to your chosen Gift Voucher recipient/s address, if you prefer -

- What a Terrific Anniversary, Wedding, Christmas or Birthday Surprise!

And That's All There Is To It! - And Don't Worry:  

Included in the'Kitty Pigfish Gift Voucher Package' are all the details that the recipient needs in order to arrange their 'Kitty Pigfish' Caricature or Cartoon or Portrait.

Want to know more about 'Kitty Pigfish'?  - Here are a few brief background details - For more information - Click on 'About' page:

Kitty Pigfish (aka LK Robinson (LLAM)) - is a professional Caricaturist, Cartoonist and Portrait Artist - based in beautiful north Devon, England - whose artworks have been exhibited and commissioned both nationally and internationally, in Central London commercial and public Galleries, in Scotland, the USA, France and Sweden.  

Kitty Pigfish is a much-published and commissioned Caricaturist - Cartoonist - Portrait Artist - and Animal/Pet Artist-Illustrator - and a professionally commissioned and published Art Tutorial Course Author: 'Master The Art' (Published by The Art Institute, 1998).

Her Caricatures - Portraits - and Cartoons - appear in a number of prestigious Private Art Collections and Publications - and are commissioned by a wide variety of celebrities and businesses.

Kitty Pigfish Also Creates Animal and Pet Portraits In The Following Media:  Pencil/Graphite, Pastel, Charcoal, Watercolours, Gouache, Acrylics and Oils.  

And she creates Animal Head Sculptures In Modelling Clay - which look terrifically full of life and energy when mounted and displayed.

Kitty Pigfish Creates Caricatures & Cartoons & Portraits For Publications - Events - Business Awards -and - Personal Gifts

- To Commission -

Why Not Commission Kitty Pigfish to create 'Cartoon/s' for publicizing your Local Event -

Or - for publishing in your Magazine or Newspaper -

Or - for presenting as special 'Awards' at your Corporate Event!

To Order one of the original 'Kitty Pigfish' Cartoons that appear on this website -

- Or - To Commission A 'Kitty Pigfish' Cartoon or Caricature -

Please Contact 'Kitty Pigfish' direct via email at:


website links:

- this website address:

- and for Kitty Pigfish's Political Caricatures & Political Cartoons: